The Icelandic Mother's Box!

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The Mother of all boxes! It's Mother's Day in America on the 8th of May. That inspired us to put together this Mother's discount box with Icelandic goodies for all the wonderful mothers out there. Get one for yourself or ship it to your mother as a surprise! She surely deserves it, right? The box includes all the wares below:

The Icelandic Woman

A book full of information about Icelandic women and their struggles through the ages that have led them to be on the forefront of gender equality worldwide.

Nóa Konfekt! Luxury Confectionaries!

Icelandic festive luxury chocolates! You will find these in almost every home in Iceland during the holiday season or special occasions...This is box contains 16 pieces of luxury chocolates!

Icelandic Bath Salts (3 kinds)

Icelandic all natural bath salts with birch, arctic thyme and kelp! Magically transforms your bath into an Icelandic spa! Wonderful aroma and makes your skin feel smooth and soft after using.

2x Omnom luxury chocolate bars

Superchocoberry and Almonds

Icelandic Herbal Tea: Valva, Wise Woman Herbs

This herbal blend named Valva is especially good tasting and is good as every day tea for women of all ages.

Lady's mantle has been widely known herb used to heal women's problems for ages. The name refers to virgin Mary and the plant was also sacred to Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and fertility.
*If out of stock we will send Intruders tea that is very similar



These tasty natural herbal lozenges made in Iceland by SagaMedica. They are produced from the leaves of Icelandic Arctic Angelica and will sooth a sore throat and make you forget bad breath even existed!