The NEW Icelandic Christmas Candy Box!

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The NEW Christmas Candy Box of Iceland!

There is no messing about in this box. It's straight to the point. It is just CANDY! No strange tales of mischievous old half trolls roaming the countryside at Christmas nor books about a cat that devours kids. Just close to 2 kilograms of excellent, delicious, unique Icelandic Christmas CANDY! Use responsibly! 

Omnom Advent Sunday Luxury Chocolates!

4 Delicious kinds of holiday chocolates to enjoy over the holidays. When it comes to chocolate, no one does better than Omnom...

Nóa Konfekt! Luxury Confectionaries!

Icelandic festive luxury chocolates! You will find these in almost every home in Iceland during the holiday season...This is box contains 16 pieces of luxury chocolates!



Staur is chocolate bar long enjoyed by the Icelanders and this is an X-mas version of it in honor of our first of thirteen santa's to arrive from the mountains: Stekkjastaur!



"Villiköttur" is a well known Icelandic chocolate bar and this is the Christmas version of it. Jólaköttur or the Yule Cat! Might sound all cute and cozy but read up on the Icelandic myth of the Yule Cat in this book.

Jóla Djúpur!

Everyone knows Djúpur by now. Djúpur has a soft, slightly salted liquorice centre surrounded by chocolate and then a crisp white shell. This Christmas version has a peppermint shell on the outside for a Christmassy taste. Yet another crowdpleaser by the Freyja team who has made Djúpur an international sensation!

Nóa Chocolate with Bismark! (Candy Cane Flavor)

Yes, it is chocolate obviously but what the hell is Bismark? Well, you know the white, minty candy canes with the red stripes that you hang on a christmas tree? Yeah, that. In Iceland these are sold in tiny cubes and are called Bismarks... That being explained, who the hell would grind that down and put inside a chocolate? No one of course except Icelanders. And it is delicious too!


Nóa Cream Chocolate with Gingerbread

You know the drill. Icelandic candy makers have these crazy brainstorm meetings in the morning and by the afternoon a new brand of chocolate with something a bit odd in it rolls out of the factory. 
But they have gotten so good at it. It just can't be a fluke. 

Nóa Cream Chocolate with Orange and Caramel

Did you think Icelanders were running out of ways to combine strange tastes in their chocolate? Think again! 

This Christmas chocolate from Nói Siríus combines orange and caramel and oddly enough it tastes heavenly and just like Christmas for some reason. 

Try for yourself! 

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