The NEW Icelandic Language Box!

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The NEW Icelandic Language Box!

So "The Complete Icelandic Language Box" was a big hit and obviously a whole lot of people out there are studying this ancient and complicated language.

We therefore decided to find some more resources that can help you guys to learn. This box is designed with the little more advanced students in mind than the last box we made and could be described as hard core! No funny stuff, just pure practical learning stuff!

Íslensk-Ensk orðabók

This quality dictionary is a handy guide to translations AND helps the user understand the grammar and correct usage of each listed word. There are 40.000 words to look up and are listed "both ways" so you can translate from English to Icelandic and Icelandic-English. 

Íslenska fyrir útlendinga + Workbook


"Íslenska fyrir útlendinga" translates to "Icelandic for foreigners" and is (quite literally) an old school book, and has been used as teaching material in the University of Iceland for decades. It first came out in 1988 and has been revised a few times to modernise and it. This revision (and the most recent one) came out in 2009. The workbook was re-published in 2020 however.


Sagnasyrpa is a book written in Icelandic, compiled for people studying the Icelandic language. It contains Icelandic short stories by some of Iceland's best known authors.

On every page of the book the texts are supported with translation of words where the meaning might be unclear or cause confusion to a non-Icelandic speaker. So it requires some understanding of the Icelandic written language, but really supports the reader and even has some discussions at the end of each story to further help the reader better grasp the content of it.