The New Polly Box - Curated by Polly the Newshound

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The New Polly Box! 

Everything a spoiled dog would need in one box. Quality treats from all natural ingredients. All the snacks in this box (except the lamb horns respectively) are made from pure fish sustainably caught in the waters around Iceland.

Although the quality of these wares is top notch they are not fit for human consumption. Your dog will love them though and these are all high in nutrients that will help keep your dogs teeth and fur healthy and give it a beautiful smile just like Polly's. Also; a state of the art, handmade dog shampoo bar that makes your mutt smell like a sweet dream.

Cod Skin Rolls

Cod and Herring Treats

Lamb Horn for Chewing

Dog Shampoo


Capelin Treats

Cod and Shrimp Treats