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The Pirate- by Jón Gnarr

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 Jón Gnarr – The Pirate
In this second volume of comedian and former mayor of Reykjavík Jón Gnarr’s bleakly hysterical autobiographical writing, the scene is set for Reykjavík in the early eighties. At the outset, Jón is still in school, struggling under an education system with no concept of things such as dyslexia and ADHD, with most of his teachers simply assuming that he is—in the parlance of the time—retarded. After several unsuccessful forays into the job market, he finally finds his place among the young punks of Hlemmur, the Reykjavík transit station and legendary gathering place for the city’s derelicts and outcast kids (until its recent reopening as a gourmet food hall, that is). There, he discovers bands like Crass and Discard and finds solace in the anarchistic writings of Prince Kropotkin. Despite the book’s humorous narration, it also contains an undertone of fury against the faceless systems of society.

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