The Sugarcubes – Here Today Tomorrow Next Week (CD/LP)

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At this point in time The Sugarcubes were put in rock star mode with endless tours all over the globe. The second album saw release in October of 1989. It was released in English as ‘Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week’ (quoting Toad from ‘The Wind In The Willows’) and in Icelandic as ‘Illur arfur!’ (“Evil Heritage!”). It was the Sugarcubes only Icelandic language LP, even though the band always sang Icelandic when they performed back home.
A new album meant more touring. “Around this time we turned into a rock band machine and lost sight of the creative side,” Einar örn later admitted. The second album sold a bit less than the debut, and in the English media the backlash hit full force. Einar especially got the brunt of the UK press’ ire—Melody Maker’s John White went as far as suggesting the singer should be shot so his yap would stop. 

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