The Viking Box

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Are you fascinated by the vikings and their culture? There is a lot more to it than pillaging and burning at least. Check out this collection of items related to Norse Culture and Vikings.

Njáls Saga 

Njals Saga
This is one of the most popular of all the Icelandic Sagas and is believed to describe events taking place between 960 and 1020. Although it can be hard to get into at first, sticking with it really pays off. Some very complex and strong female characters as well as male, a lot of blood and action, even some political intrigue, assassinations, dash of honour, loyalty and friendship and much more. Njal's Saga is a unique opportunity to take a peek into the VIking Age.

Vikings Guide to Good Business

Contrary to common belief (which is mainly the result of petty Anglo-Saxon propaganda) the Vikings weren't all raiders and pillagers! In fact many of them were shrewd businessmen whose sailing routes did not only cover all of Western Europe but also reached deep into Russia, to Turkey and the Middle East and famously; even North America!
This book offers a valuable insight into how the Vikings conducted their business but more than anything it´s a guide laden with grains of wisdom that still remains somewhat relevant for business people even in 2020!

Runic Alphabet Poster

This poster features a 16 letter runic alphabet from the Viking Age or the FUÞARK alphabet that the Vikings used. The posters design is aesthetically appealing in every way which makes it a great accent to add to almost any wall, as well as being educational.

Helm of Awe - Wallsticker

The "Ægishjálmur" or "Helm of Awe" rune is one of the most recognised magical runes of the old pagan vikings of Iceland. It's function was mainly to keep one safe and protected. So this rune would be etched onto shields and armour to protect one in battle but also on more mundane things like doors, chests and such...So what are you waiting for? Get ancient magical protection for your home now!

Smite T-Shirt

Icelandic Viking with hammer, beer and football...Originally designed to celebrate Icelandic national team of football who became legends at the Euros in 2016 and World Cup in 2018.