The Yellow Box of Iceland

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Green and Blue and now a box with all our yellowest products! Do they have anything else in common apart from being Icelandic and yellow? Well, no. We just thought it sounded like a good mix of things to receive in a box from Iceland if we didn't live here. 2 books, lots of candy and some handpicked, yellow sugar kelp for that taste of Icelandic ocean and some cheese snacks! Take a look at what you will receive:


Árstíðir - 101 Stories Written In Simple Icelandic

This is the first collection of original stories specifically written with Icelandic as a second language learners in mind. The stories cover various topics, styles and forms. They are arranged into five difficulty levels in consultation with teaching experts. Moreover, there is an appendix with information about Icelandic culture and traditions. The book is an excellent teaching aid for people learning Icelandic as a second language as well as an excellent choice for enthusiasts of Icelandic Prose.

Bónus ljóð

Bonus Poetry by Andri Snær Magnason

English translation of the best selling poetry book of Andri Snær Magnason that could easily be considered his best. It was sold in Bónus and somewhat ironically pokes fun at consumerism and is full of classic poems that are both thought provoking and super funny. 

Sugar Kelp

Sugar Kelp

Sugar Kelp is an ingredient that gives a very distinct sweet umami taste that is very much sought after in east asian cooking in particular although it is becoming increasingly popular in the west as well. It is a super healthy and an underestimated ingredient for sure. This Sugar Kelp comes from one of the cleanest oceans anywhere, handpicked and sustainably produced without any additives. 

Eitt Sett

Eitt Sett

The combo is probably one of the most Icelandic candy trends of all time, and for good reason. The sweetness of the rich chocolate perfectly balances out the sharp liquorice taste making an ideal lil’ bite. One plate of chocolate and one plate of liquorice, bite together or just separate. 

Omnom Milk of Tanzania

Dark milk of Tanzania 65% - Omnom staff favourite


No need to introduce Omnom who probably make the best chocolate in the world. Taste for yourself!

Nóa Kropp

Is it entirely yellow? No, maybe not. We are stretching it a bit ofcourse. However: It's packaging is half yellow and the inside is delicious yellow and crunchy. So perfectly fine for a yellow box in our opinion.

Liquorice roll ! 

Stjörnurúlla (Star Roll: Fancy Liquorice and Marzipan Roll)

What is there to say about liquorice? Icelanders love the stuff! It’s EVERYWHERE! And it’s the best liquorice you’re likely to have - possibly because heavy marzipan to liquorice ration - so stock up! With marzipan added to the mix, the sweet and bitter taste is sure to get your tastebuds tinglin’.

Næra Cheese Snack!

These yellow crunchy balls of Icelandic cheese is comforting to snack on and taste great. Supposedly healthy although it is kinda hard to believe! 

Also: Latest issue of the Reykjavík Grapevine!