7 Icelandic records you should know about- by Bad Taste (Smekkleysa)

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When Icelandic music is discussed Björk and Sigurrós are probably one of the first names to spring into mind. The label that "discovered" and signed them first was our Reykjavík based label "Bad Taste" or "Smekkleysa".

Through the decades "Bad Taste" has produced hundreds of records by many of Iceland's best musicians and although Björk and Sigurrós reached superstardom, many haven't gotten the international attention they most surely deserve! 

For this box we asked the people of "Bad Taste" to pick 7 of the best Icelandic records of yesteryear from a great variety of genres. From modern classical music to pure pop, from dance to ambient electronic music and hard techno to classic rock. This box has pretty much everything...

Ásgerður Júníusdóttir - Minn Heimur og þinn

amiina - Puzzle

GusGus - 15 ára

Ghosttigital - Division of Culture & Tourism

HAM - Svik, harmur og dauði


Jeff Who? - Death Before Disco


Magnús Jóhannsson Blöndal - Elektrónísk stúdía