Trúbrot - ...Lifun (1971) LP

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The birth of Trúbrot was major news on the Icelandic scene. Along with Gunnar and Rúnar came singer Shady Owens from Hljómar, and Gunnar Jökull brought along keyboard virtuoso Karl Sighvatsson from Flowers. Read more about it here.

Also about the album Lifun: album Lifun would be considered one of the best albums in Iceland for years to come (still number 2 in the extensive 2009 poll—right behind Sigur Rós’ Ágætis byrjun!) Read more here.

Vinyl - LP

1. Lives Overture 
2. Margföld er lifun, er lifum við ein 
3. Hush-A-Bye
4. To Be Grateful
5. School Complex
6. Tangerine Girl
7. Am I Really Livin'? 
8. Circulation
9. What We Believe In
10. Is There A Hope For Tomorrow
11. Just Another Face
12. Old Man
13. Death And Finale