Víkingur Ólafsson - Glass: Piano Works - Free Grapevine with Víkingur on cover (limited)

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Víkingur Ólafsson is known for his strong and unique takes on Philip Glass's compositions. The two artists have a close relationship—one you can explore intimately in this collection. 

Here's an excerpt from an interview we took with Víkingur Ólafsson around the release of the album:

Víkingur first met Philip Glass in 2014, when he was invited to play the piano etudes at Harpa, alongside Japanese pianist Maki Namekawa, and Glass himself. “I hadn’t played the music myself, but I’d listened to it a lot,” he recalls. “It does something to you—the repetition and romanticism, and at the same time, the coolness. So I got this invitation, and of course I said yes.”

At that time, some of the etudes were very new, so Víkingur was sent the scores pre-publication. He rehearsed constantly and waited for the opportunity to play his work for Philip who, to Víkingur’s surprise, elected to meet him only at the last minute—at 5 pm, on the day of the performance.

Ultimately, the challenging experience led to a fruitful and open relationship between the two. “Philip has often said to me: ‘I don’t agree with the way you play this piece, but it’s compelling, so I don’t want you to change it,’” says Víkingur. “He’s a composer, but also a performer, so he understands the creativity that needs to happen onstage. Once, he said to me: ‘Someone should give you a speeding ticket for the way you play etude number six—but it’s not going to be me.’ And I love him for that.”
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