Vök - In The Dark (CD/LP)

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 Released 2019. Interview with Grapevine March 2019. From the interview:

Indeed, the new album is a large step away from the colder, mellow electropop of their previous album ‘Figure’. Vök used the opportunity to challenge themselves to create a highly accessible record full of shiny power-pop songs. “We tried to keep the old soundscape, but just make it accessible,” says Bergur. “It would have been way easier to just make the same album with the same sounds, just new songs. Making it more accessible is a new step. It’s better than doing the same thing over and over again.”

1. In The Dark
2. Autopilot
3. Night & Day
4. Scarcity
5. Spend The Love
6. Round Two
7. No Direction
8. Erase You
9. Rooftop Views
11. Out Of The Dark