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World Light - by Halldór Laxness

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"Heimsljós" is one of Halldór Laxness masterpieces that made him so adored both in Iceland and beyond. And you can now get this pillar piece of the only Icelandic Nobel prize recipient sent right to you doorstop in English! What are you waiting for?

This is what one of our local experts had to say about it in 2017:

"One of the most beautiful texts ever written in Icelandic. The poet protagonist lays in bed for a long time, but the story is always moving. In stories, the true movement is in the characters’ inner lives, and this poet’s inner life is never still. He is always seeking beauty, the same way a drowning man seeks air. Not just any kind of beauty, but the revelation of the divine. ‘World Light’ is a dangerously ambitious symphony that’s striking even when its major instruments go silent—when a paragraph sobers up, and is replaced with eerie stillness." -Jónas Reynir Gunnarsson