Grapevine's Icelandic Bird Box!

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The Icelandic Bird Box!

It's summer in Iceland but what do Icelanders think about when they think summer? Well, that might depend on the person you ask but we bet that high on everyones list will be BIRDS! Only very few species of birds can make it through the Icelandic winter so the arrival of birds always correlates with the arrival of summer.

Maybe this is why we love them so! But here is a bird themed box with an ocean of information about Icelandic birds and even a map that shows how to find them. Also some candy with pretty bird pictures on them!

The Icelandic Bird Guide!

Get to know every bird there is to find in Iceland, learn how to spot them, learn how to recognise them in flight, recognise their eggs and their breeding habits AND enjoy some stunning photos of each and every one. This book is heavy but comes in protective plastic so you can take it with you onto the field!


As much as the book above is useful and scientific, this one is quite chaotic and although surprisingly educational, it is presented quite humorously both in text and drawings. A very fun read for people who are interested in Icelandic birds. 

Birdwatcher's Map of Iceland

A simple and accessible guide to Iceland’s bird life, covering 70 species of breeding bird and 37 migrants, winter visitors and vagrants. An essential companion for all nature lovers who want to learn more about Iceland’s bird life on their travels. Breeding birds are pictured together with maps showing their distribution and illustrations indicating the size and appearance of their eggs. 

All text is in Icelandic, English and German. 

Nói Siríus Luxury Chocolates

The most delicate little pieces of glorious chocolate from Nói Siríus with the ever lovable puffins on the outside. A luxury to revel in while reading up on these peculiar little birds.

Omnom Chocolate Bar

Sure this fits the theme! A delicious bean to bar chocolate by the finest chocolatiers in Iceland, the famed Omnom factory. Wrapped in beautifully drawn packaging celebrating our beloved Arctic Terns!