Icelandic Candy

If you know Icelandic people who live abroad you probably know that they get some things sent from the motherland that is essential and unavailable elsewhere than in Iceland.

One of those things is candy. Icelandic candy is totally unique. There is no explanation for it but for some reason Icelanders seem to be heavily into mixing weird tastes together in their candy and do so without hesitation or shame. 

Try a chocolate bar with puffed rice and a sweet wafer under a pink marzipan and liquorice plate...or small liquorice balls covered with chocolate, sweet hard-shell coating and covered with turkish pepper...Once you enter this world of excessive mixing of strange flavours you will probably never never go back!

For those more into more "sophisticated" flavours we have Omnom to help us out. Omnom is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Grandi Reykjavík and has made headlines for their organic, fair trade and sustainable policies. 

Browse and find your thrill! We have all kinds of Icelandic candy you have missed, shipped worldwide!