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The Lopi Sweater Knitting Book

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The Lopi Sweater Knitting Book offers simple instructions and design notes on how to make a lopi sweater. It includes five sweater designs for children and six for adults.

The book contains detailed information about the knitting and finishing process, the lopi wool, colour combinations and learning about different types of Icelandic lopi sweaters. This book is well suited for beginners as well as advanced knitters. It is ideal for those interested in the unique cultural heritage of the lopi jumper and in the making of their own versions.

Author, Gréta Sörensen has previously published the very popular knitting handbook, The Knitting Bible, which was shortlisted for the Fjöruverðlaunin book prize. Gréta was very young when she was given her first lopi sweater knitted by her mother. Since then she has knitted many lopi sweaters for her children, their spouses and her grandchildren. Gréta Sörensen is a professional textile designer and a teacher of weaving and textiles. Her career has mainly focused on teaching visual arts, handcrafts and design.

Softcover. 141 pages.

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