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Grapevine's Icelandic Children's Books Box

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Grapevine's Icelandic Children's Books Box

Are you bringing your kids to Iceland, or did you just come back? Either way, here we have a great collection of Icelandic Children's Books + a coloring book, about Iceland.

Here is Iceland!

"Here is Iceland!" is a beautifully illustrated book about the island we all love. Even though it is essentially written as a book for children it is highly educational even for the seasoned adult. Just under 100 pages of interesting facts about Iceland, it's seasons, wildlife, geology, fauna and places of interest. A must have for any Iceland enthusiast and also makes a wonderful gift for inquisitive kids and early teens. 

This book was nominated for the Icelandic Literary Award and received the numerous awards for its unique illustrations.

The Golden Circle - A Comic

A very Icelandic comic where natural elements and natural wonders of Iceland come to life. In it a troll has captured the Sun inside Mount Esja and siblings Julia and Gus have to get help from Geysir, Gullfoss and Þingvellir (who are super human beings) to save the Sun! The story is no worse than any Marvel adventure but suitable for all ages, especially if you have been to visit these natural wonders.

What Sheep do in Iceland When Nobody's Around

Every spring, Icelandic sheep are sent into the wilds of Iceland on a three-month summer holiday. There are, though, very few reports as to their activities during this time. Could it be that there is more to these woolly, dull-headed creatures, that stand and stare from the side of the road? Well, it appears there might be!

In this book, Brian Pilkington directs his familiar, irreverent style toward sheep behaviour, and reveals their hitherto unknown habits.

The Story of Dimmalimm


he artist Guðmundur Thorsteinsson (1891-1924), who always went by the nickname Muggur, was travelling by ship from Denmark to Italy when it crossed his mind to do something pleasant for his little niece who lived in Barcelona. He wrote the tale of the little princess Dimmalimm, illustrated it with beautiful watercolor pictures and sent it to her as a gift.

In 1942 The Story of Dimmalimm was published as a book, and few Icelandic children´s books have enjoyed such popularity as this beautiful tale. Guðmundur Thorsteinsson was a popular and respected artist and The Story of Dimmalimm is among the chief treasures that he left behind.

This edition of The Story of Dimmalimm provides both the original Icelandic text and an English translation of the tale.

Iceland Coloring Book

A coloring book showcasing the nature and culture of Iceland.
40 inspiring pictures to color in. Something to do when bored in the backseat.