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The time when an eruption is going on can be a stressful one, especially when it is so close to the capital where more than half of the population of Iceland lives. The "Þetta reddast" mantra is being chanted like never before and luckily our leading scientists seem to suggest things actually MIGHT work out ok! Yay!

But while we wait and see how this eruption develops, at least we can attempt to gain some knowledge about the forces at play here, right? Or just close our eyes, put some lava flip flops, rub mask on our face with volcanic ash in it and devour a chocolate lava bar.

Well, whichever type you are, we collected some wares here that is a mix of volcano merch, academic geology books, volcano photo books, products that have some obscure connection to eruptions or lava and even artwork depicting eruptions! Feel free to browse!