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Arctic Heroes - Ragnar Axelsson Signed Copies

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Arctic Heroes by Ragnar Axelsson (RAX).

Here's an excerpt from an interview we took with RAX about the book:

“I was talking for maybe two hours to this Greenlandic hunter with a translator. There was an elderly Greenlandic woman who didn’t say much but in the end, she said to me, ‘Without the Greenlandic sled dog, there would be no Greenlanders,” photographer Ragnar Axelsson, or RAX, explains.

“Those dogs saved these hunters’ lives often from bad conditions. They would take you home. They are the forgotten Arctic heroes.” He pauses, letting the title of the book sink in. “What’s remarkable about these dogs is that they took people to both poles. They tried to go on horses, it didn’t work, even bicycles. It was because of [the dogs] that people could reach the poles.”

288 pages
138 photographs
Size: 240×340 mm.
Printed in tritone.

Edited and designed by
Einar Geir Ingvarsson

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Design Awards 2017

Interview with RAX 

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