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Arctic Thyme Tea

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The floral flavour extracted from Arctic thyme when brewed in tea is rich and aromatic, consuming the herb through tea is an effective way to reap the health benefits given by the plant.
Pour hot or boiling water, Brew for 15 minutes, preferably under lid.

Each pack contains 10 teabags

Netto : 16gr

Ingredients: 100% Wild Arctic Thyme

Icelandic Arctic Thyme is very common throughout the country and is found both in the lowlands and in the mountains up to a thousand meters high.
Arctic Thyme is a fragrant and tasty herb that has been used for drinking and cooking since the settlement of Iceland.

The tea is a popular night-time tea

„Icelandic Herbal tea, wild handpicked Icelandic herbs“ 

Each pack contains 10 Teabags

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