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Fischer n.23 Solid Perfume

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Fischer n.23 is Fischer first perfume. Now in a convenient solid form, perfect for traveling.

A unique scent that is handmade by us here in Iceland.

Smoke in the air and tarred telephone poles.Anis seeds and black pepper, tail freshly mowed grass and tobacco leaves. Dead flowers bow to the ground.In the breeze the feminine fountain pine tickles the top of your skull. A beached whale is about to explode. 

Ingredients: This solid perfume is a vegan, alcohol free and paraben free formula made with organic meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba oil and candelilla wax.


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Team behind Fischer: Lilja, Jónsi (from Sigur Rós) and Inga Birgis, along with boyfriends Sindri, Kjartan and Alex. They made the music, perfume, photographs, video work, art, graphic design and so much more! 

Material we have done about Fischer store. Best goddamn store 2019-2020. 

Product line of the year 2019.