Grapevine's Geology Box of Iceland!

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Grapevine's Geology Box of Iceland!

You should know by now that we love our boxes to follow a theme and this one is designed for the seasoned geologist and amateur alike! 3 excellent books about the geology of Iceland, one academic and very deep in every aspect, one more of a guide, pointing out places of interest in Iceland from a geological standpoint. The third an extensive and beautiful book about all the different kind of rocks and minerals you can find in Iceland and last but not least: A fold-out tectonic map of Iceland! No wait! AND a specimen of lava that came directly from the earth's mantle just some weeks ago!

These books are heavy so no candy in this one to avoid extra postage cost! It is also safe to say that after reading all these you will be one of the world's leading experts on Icelandic geology.

Living Earth:

Exploring Icelands Geology:

Icelandic Rocks and Minerals

Tectonic Map of Iceland

A small specimen of fresh lava!