Grapevine's Mythical Box of Iceland

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 Tales of Myth and Mystical beings and events have been the sheep and cows for Icelanders through centuries. Trolls, elves and ghosts along with all kinds of strange sea creatures and magical beings are the building blocks of countless fairy tales that make up the Icelandic Folklore. This discount box gives a good insight into this tradition and some of these tales have been artfully illustrated to bring them to life!

The Hidden People - by Brian Pilkington and Terry Gunnell

Icelanders have been telling each other stories of the the Huldufólk, the hidden people. These tales tell of their hidden world, their customs and festivals and their interactions with humans. This book is like an encyclopedia of Hidden People, beautifully illustrated by our national treasure Brian Pilkington.


25 Ghost stories

In the old days, Icelanders´ belief in ghosts was widespread and deep-rooted. Much of the country´s folklore is decoted to ghost stories, in which various types of phantasms feature. The most common of these otherworldly beings are spectres and zombies, as well as the so-called „family“ ghosts, and, of course, poltergeists.

25 Folk stories

Iceland is rich in folklore; its mountainous landscape, wide-open spaces, harsh climate and long winter darkness must have made it easy, in bygone times, to imagine ghosts, trolls and other supernatural creatures lurking around every corner.
Educator and tale-teller Jón R. Hjálmarsson (1922–2018) retells many of the most famous of Iceland’s folktales and brings trolls and elves, wizards, mermen and a host of other mysterious beings to life.

Museum of Hidden Beings

Throughout the centuries, the people of Iceland have told stories of their encounters with hidden beings. Accounts of these creatures have been recorded, and collected from the 13th century to the present day. The most common of these refer to various types of elves, ghosts and monsters of land and sea.

In the Museum of Hidden Beings, artist Arngrímur Sigurðsson reaches into this vast and complex fantasy world, creating a fresh vision of this strange zoo of the imagination.

Fischer Incense (handmade from Icelandic essential oils and herbs)

And to set the mood for your mystical journey of Icelandic monsters, ghosts and mythical beings, light this incense before reading.