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GusGus 25 Years Book!

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GusGus 25 Years!

The legendary band GusGus has been Iceland's most consistent and popular techno band throughout its existence which now spans some incredible 25 years. And they are by no means finished!

This book celebrates their first 25 years in photos and text and is made in very few copies, but each one is so artfully made that you can love it even if you have never heard of the band. But for a GusGus fan, this is something you simply have to have. The kind of book that will have value for decades if not centuries to come!

The book is really _insane_!!

• 328 pages, 28 x 22 cm hardcover with marked black fabric cover
• Main texts by Jakob Frímann Magnússon, Hannah Jane Cohen and Sveinbjörn Pálsson
• Unique in the world Dust Cover, screen printed in color on black paper (by Lorenz Boegli, the inventor of this technique)
• 300+ visuals in color, silver and black & white
• 52 pages printed with silver offset on black paper
• 276 pages printed in color and black & white with an additional Pantone color
Gus Gus