Icelandic Chicken Poster

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Icelandic Chicken Poster

Surely Icelandic chicken are just like any other chicken right? Well, as it turns out; not entirely...

Icelandic chicken are of an ancient breed and unlike their human counterparts, Icelandic chicken have proven by DNA analysis to be remarkably genetically diverse! These are ancestors of chicken that came to Iceland with the vikings from many different areas of Scandinavia between 870-930 AD. 

This explains their very diverse colour palette and the array of different plumage and shapes they come in. In character they are described as easy going and relatively trusting and therefore perfect backyard birds! 

This poster from the Icelandic Farmers Union shows an array of different colours of these friendly chicken...

There are 2 sizes available 86,8 cm x 60,9 cm and a smaller one in A3 standard format.