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Icelandic Easter Egg

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Icelandic Easter Egg by Nói Siríus

Easter is on the horizon and for Icelandic children and grown ups alike, it is time to purchase a candy filled Easter egg! The story behind the chocolate Easter egg is actually European more than it is Icelandic as landowners in the Middle Ages claimed eggs from their subjects as rent around spring time.

Eggs were high in demand in spring as hen didn´t lay any during winter. A part of these were then given to poor children during Easter and that is where the whole Easter egg tradition starts. The chocolate egg is a more recent thing and they have been made in Iceland since 1920 or since Nói Siríus started their factory in Reykjavík.

The egg has various Icelandic candy inside along with an Icelandic saying! We encourage you to send us a picture of it on our Instagram @rvkgrapevine and we will translate and explain it to you free of charge! :)

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), flavouring. The chocolate contains a minimum of 46% dry cocoa solids.

May contain trace amounts of nuts, wheat and milk.

Allergens: The product may contain trace amounts of nuts.

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12 April 2021
United States
Great Easter treat

Totally cute Easter egg with hidden treats. My little cousins loved them!

09 April 2021
Kristen H.
United States United States
I Love These!

My grandsons loved these adorable Icelandic Easter eggs! We also enjoyed translating the Icelandic proverb into English and discovering its wisdom.

12 April 2021

Awesome... what proverb did you get?

05 April 2021
Lee-Anne F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Patience wins out

A very apt motto in my Nói egg, both for much-awaited visits to Iceland, and in the interim, fabulous deliveries from Grapevine to feed my addiction, and in this case, feed my tum too! The egg is made of delicious milk chocolate (I don't know why this surprised me, given the quality of other Icelandic choc!) and contains a little pile of smarties, jelly men and licorice fondant tubes, as well as your longed for motto! I don't know why there is a 2 on the packaging as there's definitely only one egg in there so don't be fooled, but I will certainly be making this yummy little egg an annual staple of our Páska celebrations

07 April 2021

So happy to hear you enjoyed the egg. To clarify, the number on the packaging refers to the size of the egg and they go up to size 7. Next year we'll have figured out how to send larger eggs in a way they won't break. :)