Icelandic Jams & Jellies

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Icelandic Jams & Jellies!

Icelanders love their jams and we offer a few kinds of them you can try. Get all of them or just try one. 

Bilberry jam - Handpicked wild bilberries from Iceland make for a delicious jam to use on toast or deserts.

Crowberry jelly - Handpicked wild crowberries make a perfect berry for a jelly as its natural bitterness forms a delicious balance with the sweetness.

Chili Jam - Goes without saying that chilli does NOT grow naturally in Iceland (except in greenhouses) and fresh chilli wasn't even obtainable in Iceland until the mid 90's. Not sure what to use it for, Icelandic grandma's did what they always do when presented with colourful fruit: they jammed it. Get all of them for reduced price or pick one taste to go for!