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The Complete Icelandic Language Box!

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The Complete Icelandic Language Box

We have noticed a particular interest with the Icelandic language among our growing community of subscribers, friends and customers. So it is time to launch a box where we have placed some interesting things to help you on your way to learn the Icelandic language on your own! Both with proper school books and also more "fun" books about the language and something you might enjoy while learning like a classic Björk CD mostly in Icelandic. How much can you understand?

Learning Icelandic - with workbook

Learning Icelandic is a basic textbook in Icelandic. It contains 15 reading lessons, a glossary and detailed grammar. Beginners are given a simple but thorough guidance in their first steps into the Icelandic language. All explanations are in English. Each lesson introduces the main grammatical features and rules which are then followed up with exercises. A large number of illustrations supports the text and the book is accompanied with material for listening. Comes with a workbook containing grammar exercises.


Árstíðir consists of 101 stories written in simple Icelandic. Its short, accessible tales cover various aspects of Icelandic everyday life. They include new experiences, friendship, overcoming challenges, joy and sorrow. The stories reflect the diversity of daily life year round in the land of light and darkness.
*Árstíðir is out of stock and instead you will get Dagatal the new book from same publisher.

Iceland in Icons

With English you have a word like “volcano” and you don’t know why it’s called a volcano. But with Icelandic it’s easy to understand that “Eldfjall” are two words put together–“fire” and “mountain”, so it’s a “fire-mountain”, Eunsan says. “I started deconstructing words and adding to my vocabulary, and Icelandic breaks down really well into small words.”As she learned to breakdown the composite words in Icelandic she began to doodle, to draw representations of the words. The drawings become more numerous an finally she decided they needed to be compiled into a collective work – Icelandic in Icons. A book that matches our quirky words with imagery, creating the ultimate visual aid for learning Icelandic – that’s not boring.

The Little Book of Icelandic

A book about one of the oldest and most complex languages in the world, and the heart and soul of the people who use it.

This is not a textbook. It is not about the technicalities of Icelandic. Rather it is about the Icelanders’ love of their mother tongue, their zealous attempts at keeping it pure, their often-hilarious way of cobbling together vocabulary, and their idioms and proverbs that are such a strong reflection of the things they consider truly important. All in short essays that are light, humorous, and easy to read.

Gling Gló (CD)

This classic record from 1990 features cozy, jazzy compositions of famous icelandic pop and folk songs and some international classics, played by Guðmundur Ingólfssons´trio and sung in Icelandic mostly by the one and only Björk Guðmundsdóttir! This record remains her best selling record within Iceland although relatively unknown internationally. Highly recommended and a must-have for any Björk fan out there. A true collectors item!

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30 June 2021
Rebecca M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
An ideal introduction to Icelandic

I'm enjoying the course books so far. They use practical examples e.g. the first lesson gives vocabulary for introducing yourself and your family, so you can immediately start learning useful sentences. The lessons gradually build up your vocabulary, moving through topics in a logical way, with plenty of practice - and the vocabulary is right there at the bottom of the page if you get stuck. The Grammar book complements the lessons well, allowing you to practice things like verb forms and noun endings - and of course, you're getting more practice with the vocabulary at the same time. Both books have a pronunciation guide at the front, so you can practice reading the dialogues out loud - and check how you sound compared to the audio material given online. I have only read the first story in the reader so far, but it was surprising how much I was already able to understand, even though I haven't completed the course books yet. This is encouraging. Some language readers can feel a bit daunting for beginners, but this one has been written at just the right level, which gives me a real sense that I'm making progress with the language, even though I've just started. Iceland in Icons is a lovely little book - practical, funny and helpful with learning some more useful vocabulary. The Bjork CD was surprisingly enjoyable - not the style of music that I normally listen to, but I really liked it. And obviously listening to Icelandic-language music will encourage me to keep learning more of the language. Finally, the mug arrived separately from the Language Box, but arrived safe and sound. The delivery estimate on the box said it might take 2-4 weeks - it actually arrived to the UK in about 5 days, and the mug arrived a few days after that, so very pleased with the shipping. Overall, really happy with the whole order - and I notice there's a second Language Box for when I get a bit more advanced :)

05 July 2021

Gott að heyra! You sound really ambitious – next time you come to Iceland you can practise your skills even more, Rebecca! :)

17 March 2021
Jeffrey M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Learning the language !

Just getting into it...doing 3 pages a night so I don't get a headache

17 March 2021

Nice! That's the best way to do it. Good luck :)

12 March 2021
United States United States
I recommend this product
Love my Icelandic Language Box!

So far so good! I like the language resources - they seem well-organized and well-suited to learning the language where other resources haven't been so much. Love the other goodies as well, the other books, mug and CD! I'm glad I purchased this Box!

17 March 2021

Fantastic. good luck with it. Have fun.