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Karlssonwilker Hallgrímskirkja T-Shirt

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The most recognisable figure in Reykjavík’s modest skyline. 

“Hallgrímskirkja” means “Church of Hallgrímur,” after Hallgrímur Pétursson, a poet and big “it” guy during the Icelandic Lutheran scene of the 1600s. He’s best known for writing the “Passion Hymns”, a chronicle of Jesus’s suffering and crucifixion.

Hallgrímur came to a bit of a miserable end, falling victim to leprosy, but it is said that his suffering only made him a stronger, more faithful believer. His legacy lives on not only through his words, but through this t-shirt that will truly make you a stronger, more faithful believer (unless you have leprosy - then look for our single sleeve models). 

Who are karlssonwilker and why did they make all those nice drawings of iconic Reykjavík buildings?Regular Grapevine readers and design enthusiasts alike ought to be familiar with fancy New York-based design firm karlssonwilker by now. Since it was founded by Icelander Hjalti Karlsson and Jan Wilker from Germany in late 2000, the firm has worked with all sorts of prestigious people (and The Reykjavík Grapevine), and they have a bar in their office, too. They collaborated with illustrator Stephan Walter to make all those nice drawings of iconic Reykjavík buildings because they could, that's why.

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