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Icelandic Lamb Jerky - Sea salt & herbs

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Each bag contains 50g/1.8oz of Marinaded, Air-Dried, Premium Cut, Free-Range, Icelandic Lamb that has been Family Farmed.




The Icelandic Lamb has been roaming free in our highlands since the year 874. Due to extremely brief summers, the lack of refrigerator tech and shortage of preservatives, Vikings had to air-dry their meat. 

Lamb Jerky adds a whole new dimension to your current snacking habits. It´s the perfect snack for sports, activities, and adventures due to its resealable packaging and high-quality protein.

Air-Dried, Premium Cut, Icelandic, Free Range Lamb (Ovis aries) from solid pieces of Leg Meat (225g of Raw Meat per 100g of Finished Product), our special spice blend (Sea Salt, Sugar, Parsley, Sage, Thyme, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, Mint), Antioxidant (E316) and Preservative (E202).