Icelandic Lamb Soup 115g/4.1oz bag - Icelandic Mountain Herbs

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Each bag contains 115g/4.1oz mix of Freeze-Dried, Premium Cut, Grass-Fed, Free Range, Grounded, Icelandic Lamb that has been Family Farmed, potatoes, herbs, vegetables, and spices.

Ever since the first Viking settlements, Icelanders have been drying meats as means of preservation. The Icelandic Lamb Stew is an old recipe that's unique in every Icelandic home and has been an essential part of our diet for centuries... an excellent clean source of protein. Feed the Viking was founded in 2016 by two best friends, bringing this traditional food into the 21st Century with freeze-drying techniques. Our Lamb Mountain Meal is truly a superfood that you can enjoy straight out of the bag after just 10 minutes after adding boiling water to it.

Just to add 300 ml (10 oz) of boiling water into the bag, stir it and close the bag, let it rest for 5-10 minutes, and enjoy.

Ingredients: Icelandic Lamb Meat (18%), Icelandic Potatoes (18%), Vegetables, OATS, Flavoring, Salt, CELERY, DAIRY.

Allergen Information: See ingredients in bold. 


in 100 g

per 115g bag


1555 kJ / 372 kcal

1789 kJ / 427 kcal


10 g

12 g

  of which saturates: 

4.0 g 

4,6 g


44 g

51 g

  of which:



10 g

12 g

  added sugar

0 g

0 g


11 g

13 g


18 g

21 g


2.8 g

3,2 g