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Medicinal Plants of Iceland

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Medicinal Plants of Iceland, Collection, Preparation and Uses

By Arnbjörg Linda Jóhannsdóttir

In recent years, interest in herbal remedies and what are sometimes known as alternative treatments has been growing rapidly.

This book is a guide to the healing power of native plants and herbs in Iceland. Medicinal Plants of Iceland was first published 20 years ago and has since become a classic handbook on herbal medicine in Iceland. In this revised and updated edition, all native medicinal plants are covered, with detailed information on their healing properties, applications, dosages and traditional uses.

The book also includes directions on how to gather and prepare wild medicinal plants, and the reader is taught how to make preparations such as herbal teas, poultices and salves.

Arnbjörg Linda Jóhannsdóttir studied herbal medicine and later Chinese medicine and acupuncture in England. She has worked extensively as a herbalist and acupuncturist both in Iceland and abroad.