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Runir the Board Game

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A fun little board game for 2-4 players featuring the Icelandic Fuþark runes and magical staves of the Vikings! Icelandic game design and development. Rules in English!

More details:
Epic stories … wonderful love confessions … memories of fallen warriors… glory of heroic women … Curve everything into the stone and become the the most honourable Rune master! 
Runir is an Icelandic dice game based on Icelandic Futhark and magic staves. More information about history of runes and staves is included in the rules.
Roll your dies, find a rune icon match on the board. Claim it with your energy crystals and gain your honour points. Fulfil the Jarl´s carving priorities to gain a reward and increase your honour.
  • High replayability, thanks to 6 double printed game boards.
  • Small, yet sturdy box with magnetic opening, made from high quality material. 
  • Takes small shelf space, can be displayed as a book.
  • Designed to be used in compact spaces, ideal for travelling.
  • Unique and original artwork. 
  • Icelandic game design and game development.
Quick and easy game for all fans of Iceland and its heritage! 

Age: 8 years and older
Players: 2-4 
Playing time: 10 minute/ player
Designers: Gamia Games -  Svavar Björgvinsson, Monika Brzková
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04 October 2021
Canada Canada
Great gifts from Iceland!

It's a gift going to my son and his wife for Hallowe'en!!!! I think they will really enjoy it!

01 January 2021
Lee-Anne F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
High quality game

I ordered this game last minute for the family for Christmas and it was despatched earlier than predicted and arrived the next day, incredible service (& with a free choccy gift & latest issue, fantastic!) The game itself is incredibly high quality, beautiful colourful thick boards and counters, in a quality, compact box, bright & clear plastic 'crystals', and instructions in an Icelandic pamphlet and an English one (good practice for those of us trying to learn the beautiful language!) The instructions seem a little complicated at first read but once you start playing it quickly becomes clear. We just played it in a straightforward way, there is probably more strategy you can apply during gameplay once you're more familiar with it, aiming to wind up with a higher score at the end. My daughter who had initially looked blankly at me as I tried to explain it ended up enjoying it and consented to play again! My only disappointment was that I think it was implied there was an explanation of the runes in the instructions but there wasn't. The staves on the coins were explained, and there was a runic alphabet shown (without names/explanations), apparently an Icelandic one based on the Younger Fuþark, but I couldn't find it matched anywhere on the web, and the individual runes on the dice aren't explained, and one of them, a square on its point with a staff coming out the top of it (like an upside down traffic sign!) I couldn't find anywhere at all, unless it's a combination of two runes...but it would have been nice to have known this and to be able to learn and use their correct names and know their meanings. But that ****** aside, it's a great game and we're really pleased with it!