Sagnir - The Board Game

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Sagnir - By Gamia Games

Another great board game from Icelandic board game developer Gamia Games based on Nordic heritage. In Sagnir you take the role of one of the protectors of a mythical island and there are 4 elements to choose from.


Each element has differents protectors to choose from with different skills and attributes and you might recognize most of these from Icelandic folklore, even the official crest of Iceland.


Sagnir is essentially a tile laying game for 2 - 4 players, ages 14 and up although it can be played with younger players.

Throughout the game, players will draw Mythical Being cards that show a certain arrangement of the five different Landscape tiles.

The players’ aim is to transform the island according to the needs of the protectors they possess so they can summon it.

This is the second edition of the game (formerly known as Mythical Island) and has undergone improvements to make it even more balanced and fun to play. The theme is very Iceland inspired obviously and should be fun for lovers of Icelandic folklore and myth. The perfect Christmas gift for the casual board gamer. Try it!