Saltverk - Birch Smoked Salt

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The industrial revolution didn't really arrive in Iceland until the turn of the 20th century. However, in the mid 18th century, there were some attempts made industrialise Iceland. In 1752 the first Icelandic joint stock company was founded with that end in mind, emphasising wool production, sulphur mining and fishing mostly in and around Reykjavík. The venture had mostly petered out by 1800. Separately, but at the same time, salt production was established in the Westfjords. The method of production was to extract salt from the ocean using a geothermal process. This too didn't last into the 19th century, but in the 21st century the founder of Saltverk, Björn Steinar, setup salt production using the 18th century method. The yield is salt of pristine quality and texture. 

From Saltverk: Our flaky sea salt is dried over birch smoke according to old Icelandic tradition. The birch wood imparts a strong smoky flavor, with a deep, unique profile unlike anything you've ever had before. For modern Icelanders, the smell of birch smoke instantly transports them to camping in the summertime or a cozy Christmas evening spent with friends and family.

Tasting Notes : Woodsy, smokey and slightly sweet, this salt brings depth and rich lush smokiness to whatever you choose to create.

Key Descriptors : Smoky, Luscious, Surprising

Best Pairings / Recipes : This salt is absolutely delicious on eggs and vegetables (especially avocados!).