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The Haunting of Reykjavík - by Steinar Bragi

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The paranormal has long been a great interest to the Icelandic public and ghosts and hauntings are no exception. Many famous cases of hauntings in Reykjavík have been recorded and the acclaimed author Steinar Bragi has collected them for your eerie enjoyment. He goes to great lengths to investigate the hauntings and tells us the stories behind each and every one of them. 

Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for any lost sleep attributed to the reading of this book.

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09 April 2021
Kristen H.
United States United States
A Very Interesting Book!

Although I'm not quite finished reading it, it is well-written and the stories seem to jump right off of the page. However, it would be ideal if the disparaging political reference was omitted. Must politics enter every aspect of our lives? A book about Icelandic paranormal activity was intended as a brief and welcome respite from political rhetoric ...

12 April 2021

yeah it's a good one. Ghost stories from an urban environment renders the stories with extra layer of reality to them. All of them take place around where The Grapevine Office is.

19 January 2021
Gareth g.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

i havent started reading yet but im pleased with the service and the packaging of the book and also the newspaper that was sent with it, i look forward to reading the book. any idea when the 5 day quarantine when you land in iceland will be removed? i should get my covid vaccine by april with luck. thanks. gareth george

29 January 2021

Hi Gareth, Hope you'll like the book. we're not sure when the quarantine time will be lifted. But we're working on a care package to lessen the boredom during those 5 days at the hotel room. What would you like to see in a box like that?

08 July 2020
Alanna F.
United States United States

The book was a great read!