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The Famous Icelandic Hotdog Box!

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The Famous Icelandic Hotdog Box!

First, the bad news: Sorry. The sausages themselves aren't in because of some health regulations that ban us to sell refrigerated meat directly from our office. We will do anything to get that permit though but this might take time. Until then: Our hotdog box has most of the other things that are an essential part of the Icelandic Hotdog experience!


The legendary SS Pylsusinnep that to this day (and every day from now until the sun swallows the Earth) is the most important ingredient on an Icelandic hot dog. Unchanged in taste and appearance for decades despite generations of graphic designers dreaming of getting their paws on the design. Fun fact; when Bill Clinton tried the famous Icelandic hot dog, this is the only topping he had on it.

Vals Tómatsósa

This relatively unknown Icelandic Ketchup is called Vals Tómatsósa! Vals was founded with the sole purpose of supplying the Bæjarins Beztu hot dog stand in 1960! Can you believe it? And what is more; it only contains a third of what these international brands are using in added sugar! So more healthy AND better AND now available to you! You are welcome!

Bæjarins bestu original T-Shirt

Bæjarins Beztu is one of the most famous hot dog stands in the world and also happens to be situated just next to the Reykjavík Grapevine office! These T shirts are a great souvenir for people who have been there and remind others that you know your Icelandic hotdogs! The instantly recognisable running red hotdog on the back will be your witness! Sizes from S to XL available.

Ristede Løg!

When we started the Grapevine Store took an oath we would only sell Icelandic products, on few occasions Icelandic design produced elsewhere or Icelandic literature published abroad. But here comes the one exception: Steiktur laukur or in Danish: Ristede Løg...So essential are they for the Icelandic hotdog experience that we felt an exception was due. Ecological production from our old colonial rulers the Danes.


People who have tasted this iconic Icelandic soda pop will have a hard time forgetting it. It is essentially a Fanta-esque orange soda except just different and with a lot less sweetness. This goes so well with the iconic Icelandic hotdog, salty food and even liquorice! You should try or if you already did; treat yourself!


Best of Reykjavík (Newest)

Best of Reykjavík magazine contains our very own recommendations for the best bars, restaurants, museums, cafes and basically just the best of everything in Reykjavík at this moment in time. Thoroughly updated for each season...

Footnote about remoulade: As it is a refrigerated food item we can't send it without running the risk of it going bad on the way. However you will get a printed recipe so you can make it yourself at home! It's easier than you think!



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31 December 2023
United States
I recommend this product

Good but rough delivery

The container of fried onions was broken and spilled. Other than that the hot dog box is great. I suggest a bit of packing material to keep things from shifting as much.

24 October 2023
colleen p.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Anticipating a tasty meal.

Looking forward to enjoying this hotdog meal with Appelsin as I'm reading about the Norse gods

23 September 2022
Christine K.
Canada Canada

Ode to the Hotdog

When my husband opened his gift, it became clear there was a theme that would enjoy! We were both surprised at the great flavours of the ketchup and mustard but have become obsessed with the fried onions! They go on just about anything but ice cream!