The Icelandic Classics Box!

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The Icelandic Classics Box!

Icelanders seem to have a tendency to be into new things, being creative and always in search of the next big thing. Well, sometimes it might be time to look back and see what products have survived through the decades! What are the Icelandic classics that just stay on the market despite the ever changing world around them? We have chosen a few products that is safe to say represent Icelandic classics:


The legendary SS Pylsusinnep that to this day (and every day from now until the sun swallows the Earth) is the most important ingredient on an Icelandic hot dog. Unchanged in taste and appearance for decades despite generations of graphic designers dreaming of getting their paws on the design. 


The old-school, traditional Icelandic chocolate plates from Nói Siríus. Generations of Icelanders have grown up stealing this from their parents baking pantries. An absolute classic of a chocolate.

Independent People

If you ever wanted to get to the bottom of why Icelanders are so obsessed with independence and self reliance, this book would be good place to start. Set in the start of the 20th century rural Iceland the book offers a unique insight into the Icelandic psyche. An undeniable classic for sure by our very own Literary Nobel prize winner Halldór Laxness!

Apolló Lakkrís

You should always have a bit of bitter with your sweet. It will make you appreciate the sweetness even more. This is the secret to why the Nordic countries love Liquorice so much. But when we add marsipan to the mix, the results are decadent and fancy. This is the finest liquorice you'll find and a perfect gateway drug to that bitter sweet goodness.


This is the real deal and doesn't get more Icelandic. 100g of flat, hard yet soft fillets of haddock, air dried outdoors to perfection. Enjoy with salty butter.

66° húfa

If you need to dress up as an Icelander for whatever reason, start with this 66°N húfa. Generations of Icelanders working outdoors have worn this exact style and it has survived decades of treacherous fashion assaults and taken its rightful place as an Icelandic classic. 



A gentleman commenting on our Icelandic classics box was obviously in considerable dismay whilst typing: "Where is the Opal?" And boy was he spot on! How can anyone in their right mind make an Icelandic Classics Box without OPAL?! We hang our head in shame actually and future Icelandic Classics boxes will come with a free pack of Opal thanks to him!