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The Reykjanes Eruptions

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The Reykjanes Eruptions - By Max Milligan

"This book charts the journey between two periods - of the carefree carnival atmosphere of 2021 and 2022, to the darker days of 2024 and beyond." - Max Milligan

"In early November 2023 the town of Grindavík was evacuated after a series of earthquakes. Parts of the town dropped a few metres and huge cracks opened up, damaging many homes. The inhabitants were craving to get home for Christmas but suddenly a 5 km fissure opened with a powerful but short eruption on the 17th of December. Sine then, eruptions have taken place almost once a month. The ground is an unstable crust in many places. The simple act of walking around the town is like walking on thin ice. How long will it last: one day, one month, two months?" - Andri Snær Magnason

The quotations above are taken from the preface of this brand new book of photography covering the Reykjanes Eruptions from 2021 onwards. This is the first such work to be published in Iceland, covering events that are ongoing and far from reaching a conclusion. If you've been following these events, this is the book for you. 

Here's a video preview of the book:

128 pages. Weight: 750g. Height: 20,5cm. Width: 24.5cm

The book is available for order, but will not ship until June 20th 2024.

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