Vals Tómatsósa - Hot Dog Ketchup

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Vals Tómatsósa - Icelandic Hot Dog Ketchup

The secret is out! For decades the world famous Bæjarins Beztu hot dog stand has had an edge over their local competition. Their hot dogs are the best although every hot dog stand and gas station uses the same kind of sausages...

So what is it that sets them apart? The view from our office (and nose for investigative journalism) has given us an unprecedented opportunity to uncover their secret! Are you ready? 

We noticed a mysterious white van that came every Thursday morning with a delivery of gallons of ketchup...But was it Hunt's or Libby's or Heinz?

No! Turns out that it is a relatively unknown Icelandic Ketchup called Vals Tómatsósa! Vals was founded with the sole purpose of supplying this very hot dog stand in 1960! Can you believe it? And what is more; it only contains a third of what these international brands are using in added sugar! So more healthy AND better AND now available to you! You are welcome!

...AND Pylsusinnep!

Also try the legendary SS Pylsusinnep that to this day (and every day from now until the sun swallows the Earth) is the most important ingredient on an Icelandic hot dog. Unchanged in taste and appearance for decades despite generations of graphic designers dreaming of getting their paws on the design.