Vikings Guide to good Business

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Contrary to common belief (which is mainly the result of petty Anglo-Saxon propaganda) the Vikings weren´t all raiders and pillagers! In fact many of them were shrewd businessmen whose sailing routes didn´t only cover all of Western Europe but also reached deep into Russia, to Turkey and the Middle East and famously; even North America!

This book offers a valuable insight into how the Vikings conducted their business but more than anything it´s a guide laden with grains of wisdom that still remains somewhat relevant for business people even in 2020!

Who wouldn´t agree with this solid word of advice for example? :

"Again there are things that you shall avoid like the devil himself- these are drinking, board games, whores, arguing and gambling."


"Be peaceful yourself, but never so much that you suffer damage or accusations of cowardice."


This book is entertaining as much as it is educational and serves as a great one to quote! Besides, no one tries to pull a trick on a businessman with this book on his desk.