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Plant dyeing jigsaw - 1000 piece jigsaw

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This one we really like! Not just a fun jigsaw puzzle but actually comes with a booklet that describes how each and every colour was made and from which flowers or plants. The Icelandic yarn in the picture is all traditionally and naturally died so you will also learn the technique and ingredients used to make each one! Super interesting for the knitting enthusiasts we believe and just a great innovative and fun idea.

The box contains a booklet describing the history of plant dyeing in Iceland and a picture that shows which plants are used to dye each ball of yarn. It is a 1000 piece jigsaw, measuring 50.5 X 70.5 cm. The picture on the jigsaw puzzle shows plant dyed balls of yarn from the plant dyeing workshop Hespuhúsið at Ölfus in southern Iceland. Naturalist Guðrún Bjarnadóttir runs a plant dye workshop where she dyes wool with natural dyes according to traditional methods.