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Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark has published a special book about Reykjanes where you can find incredible photographs of the unique Reykjanes peninsula and references to the culture and history of this part of the country, which can be called the gateway into Iceland. The book combines nature and landscape, culture and people as well as innovation and employment to give some idea of ​​this community south by the sea. The landscape is fiery and barren at first, and has therefore been likened to the moon, good if exercises for the moonwalk did not take place there, but when you look closely, the beauty of the peninsula appears, which is unique in its ruggedness. These include the evergreen fissure crater, moss heaths, hot spring symphony and mud pots where the energy simmers in the bowels of the earth, as Reykjanes is a high-temperature area that has provided the people of Reykjanes with plenty of energy.

Paperback – 2020 – 198 pages